I do not know how to weld.  But I've been scouring craigslist for cheap welders so I can learn.  I picked up this beauty for $30.  Its a Montgomery Ward Powr Kraft 110V, 50amp stick welder.  It has zero adjustment.  You just turn it on and go to town.  It'll weld up to 1/4" metal using 1/16 rods.

Side note:  Powr Kraft?  Nothing instills confidence in a tool that can seriously harm you like a brand name that includes misspellings on purpose.


Yep, its basically just two big coils of wire.

I bought some gloves.

And a cheap welding mask.  The mask was extremely lame so I decided to paint it.

Thats more like it.  Primer red.

With the proper protection, a box of electrodes, and zero skills I found a simple non-structural project to start on.  When I cut the chain guard mount off of the swingarm I left a couple of grooves.  I decided to try laying a couple of welds in the grooves so I could grind them smooth.

This thing leaves some dirty welds.

A whole bunch of grinding and sanding later this is what I have.  Not perfect, but certainly better.  After powder coating it should look OK.


  1. My Harbor Freight welding experience was boogering together a Spitfire floorpan, unimpeded by skills, knowledge or aptitude. For some reason I was repeatedly stung by bees while working outside. The floorpan traced the unmistakeable development of my welding methodology from blobs to ... less blobby blobs. I blame the bees.

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