The Tail: Frame prep continues

Since I'm going to be ditching the stock licence plate bracket, turn signals, and grab bar, I've got a bit of clean up to do on the tail of the AR80's frame.

This is one of the passenger grab bar brackets.

And this is where the stock licence plate holder bolts on.

I finally have a chance to use one of my Christmas presents.  A Bosch 4.5" angle grinder.

This should be just a bit faster than my Dremel tool with a cut off wheel.

Yep, I zipped these things off in no time.


I pulled the plastic bar ends out of the frame.  I don't want to melt them when I cut off the licence plate bracket.  I have a plan for them.


Cutting off useless frame parts is almost as satisfying as deleting useless source code.

That is looking nice and tidy.  But what about those bar ends?

My plan is to insert these Supernova LED turn signals (from Revival Cycles) into the frame using the stock bar ends.

They are just about the perfect size.

I'll drill a whole through the bar end, and then fish the wire through the frame.

Hole drilled.

Bar end LED turn signal constructed.

Make that a pair.

Then I drilled holes in the frame to fish the wires through.

It wasn't too hard.  I stuck a piece of electric fence wire through first, taped the wire to it, and then pulled it back through.

Note: There is literally nothing electric fence wire can't do.

I didn't push the bar ends all the way in because they are kind of a pain to pull back out.  I'll wait until final assembly to put them in for good.  But this gives an idea of how it'll work.

I think they'll look pretty good once the frame is black and they are pushed all the way in.

The next things to eliminate are the forward grab handle bolt holes.  I won't be using them, so they must go.

I am not a welder.  But I did manage to fill the holes with metal using a welder.

But let me stress, I am not a welder.

A couple of weld and grind sessions later, the holes are gone.  I welder would only need one session.  I am not a welder.

The little divots that remain will disappear when powder coated.  Not a welder.

Mommy and baby got home before I had a chance to finish grinding everything down smooth, but still, I am pretty happy with the progress.  There are a few more things to take care of on the frame, but I am getting dangerously close to powder coating this thing.


  1. I came across this blog while googling AR80's. I just bought a 1982. I hope that you will update this in the future. Thanks, I've enjoyed your posts up to this point.

  2. Come on! You can't just leave us hanging like this!
    We need to know how it turned out in the end!!!

  3. There are a lot of things like this that can hold up or dial a task back and this won't make you huge load of cash while you're framing the house.