Paint prep continues

I basically finished up the swingarm and then got started on the triple clamps.

I've also started on the frame. I figured the frame was going to take forever, but I found a better chemical stripper that may make it a quicker job.

I picked up some Rustoleum Aircraft Remover because its quite popular with the online motorcycle crowd. So far its worked well.

The Aircraft Remover has a big airplane on the can so when you look at it on the shelf you think "Whoa, they use this stuff to strip paint off of 747s!". But then you read the directions on the back and it says "Do not use on aircraft". That's just not right, Rusty.

Paint prep

Today I started prepping some of the smaller parts for paint.  I used some chemical stripper to start and then finished up with sanding pads.  The shifter, brake pedal, and kick stand are ready to go.  The swing arm is going to take forever.  I should really just bring these things to someone with a sandblaster.  But then what would I have to do on a rainy Sunday morning?

Yes, disassemble

. . . all over the place.  I finally broke the bike down completely.

Here it is at the roller stage.  The rear suspension on this bike is kind of unique in the way that the shock is nearly vertical in the center of the frame and gets compressed downward via the linkage.  My plan is to run without the side covers to show off the shock.  Side note: nobody makes a better light motorcycle stand than Wells' Blue Bunny in Le Mars, IA.

I didn't realize the steering stem used loose ball bearings.  They bounced all over the garage when I dropped it out.  I don't think I found them all.

As you can see many parts were covered in dirt and grime, so I sat down with a bucket of soapy water and scrubbed them down.  I also let rusty parts soak in a can of Krud Kutter.

After scrubbing the parts down I arranged them neatly on my workbench like a huge nerd.

I've ordered a couple of A123 LiPoFE4 cells to build a smaller, easier to hide battery.  Since I won't be using the side covers I'm going to fab up a tray to hold the battery, flasher, and igniter under the rear of the tank.

The engine ran when I got the bike, but it leaked oil.  I'm going to clean it up and replace the gaskets, piston rings, and reeds.  I'll also rebuild the carb and give the whole thing a nice coat of gloss black engine enamel.