Tank Investigation

I figured it was time to see what shape the tank was really in.  POs have bondo'd, JB Welded, and painted in various places so it was a mystery as to what might lie underneath.   Some places were already flaky and I could just scrap chunks off with a flat head screwdriver.


It's hard to see in this picture, but there is a small dent that had been filled.  I grabbed a sanding pad to see if I could uncover some good metal.

Not great, but it's actually better than I expected.

Oh no, what terrible rust covered dent resides under this blob of JB Weld?

No rust or dent at all!  Puzzling.

As I worked away from the front of the tank things looked better and better.  I decided to get out the chemical stripper to see if I could make some real progress.

Corn is not a chemical stripper

I was really encouraged after the chemical strip.  I then went at it with a sanding pad.

This is what it looked like after only a few minutes of sanding.  I plan on doing a lot more, but things were looking pretty good.  Pretty good until . . .

D'oh.  I punched a hole while scrapping rust off with a screwdriver.  My plan is to use a torch and some brazing rods to fill in any pitted areas, dents, and this hole (and any other holes I manage to make) to try and get the best possible base on which to do body work and paint.  Brazing, body work, and paint.  Three things I've never done before.  I've got some research to do.

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