DW on the Exhaust

Rusty Kawasaki AR80 exhaust

Parts of the exhaust pipe are pretty nasty looking.  I decided to remove the silencer end cap to see if I could clean it up a bit.  This is what it looked like before I started.

Krud Kutter. VHT Exhaust paint. Dremel wire wheel.

A stiff bristled brush and a sanding pad worked pretty well to take off the flaky rust and random dirt.  But I was really able to make some progress with the wire wheel on my Dremel.  The Krud Kutter is supposed to remove any remaining rust in preparation for paint (I haven't tried it yet).  My plan is to use gloss black on the frame and motor so I'm going with flat black on the exhaust for a bit of contrast.

Nice and clean AR80 exhaust pipe

The Dremel really did wonders.  Nice and clean and ready for paint.

VHT Flat Black exhaust paint.

Painted.  Looks pretty good if I do say so myself.  If I can replicate this on the rest of the exhaust it should look pretty sweet.  I plan on using some stripper to remove the majority of the paint from the exhaust body.  I'm pretty patient but using that little wire wheel to remove all the paint would take forever.

Rusty AR80 exhaust pipe

With that success on the end cap I couldn't help but do a little work on the rest of the exhaust.  The portion of the pipe nearest the motor looked like this.  Not good.

Less rusty AR80 exhaust pipe

Again, I used the brush and pad to get the loose rust and dirt off.  Then spent a few minutes with the Dremel.  Big improvement.  But it began to flash rust almost instantly.  I guess that's where the Krud Kutter will come in.  Ideally I'll finish the rest of the exhaust this weekend.

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