Happy New Year

I got a whole bunch of old tools from my Grandpa over Christmas, one of which is this heavy angle grinder.  And when I say heavy, I mean heavy.  I've been using it to strip paint off the frame and I have to take a break every couple minutes to give my wet noodle arms a break.  But I must say, the wire brush head really does a good job taking off paint.

Other than a few hard to reach places the frame is stripped down.  There is a bit of rust in a couple places that I'm going to treat with Krud Kutter.  I also plan to clean up the frame by cutting off the passenger peg mounts and side cover mounts.

Since its finally gotten cold around here I picked up this little heater to warm up the garage a bit.  Its never going to make it 72 degrees in there, but it keeps it comfortable.  Not bad for $20.

With the heat and The Mayor's solemn look of approval I'll be D'ing W in 2013.

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